Changing the way
you achieve
maximum Yield

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The problem

Revenue management
in liner Shipping is challenging


Revenue management is about selling the right product to the right customer at the right time to the right price

Matching market
and capacity

In essence, it is about matching the market to available capacity whether that be hotel rooms, flight seats, or slots on a containership

Free capacity is hard
to estimate

Compared to airplanes and hotels, however, the available space on a containership is extremely difficult to estimate

Container bookings misfit the vessels causing profit losses of billions of dollars every year

Our solution

Use stowage algorithms to simulate capacity
and select bookings with maximum yield


Hard to determine contracts and spot sales that are profitable given uncertain capacity
Cargo flow
Booked containers do not fit vessels


Set freight rates and yield references based on real fleet capacity
Select contracts and spot sales that fit vessels and maximize yield
Cargo flow
Integrate commercial decisions in operation and use simulations in stowage

Customer proof of concepts show that capsim can
increase revenue 5-8%