Integrate your organization
with commercial and
operational applications


Commercial Applications

Book cargo with maximum
commercial yield.

Increase utilization of your
service network.


Central Computation Engine

Provides a one truth of free capacity.

Makes sales and operational decisions transparent.


Operational Applications

Load all units and solve
stowage errors.

Generate multi-port stowage plans automatically.

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Revenue management is all about matching market to capacity. In liner shipping, though, this is much harder than in other industries such as aviation and hotel business. The reason is that an empty slot on a container vessel often is unavailable due to complex operational rules while an empty airplane seat or hotel room almost always can be used.

SLX | YIELD solves this problem by applying our CAPSIM to compute the true free capacity of vessels and recommend cargo for them that maximizes total yield. The results are shown to sales teams in simple business intelligence tools that make it easy to select profitable cargo contracts and spot bookings.

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Precise and proactive capacity management is a major revenue driver. Unfortunately vessel capacity depends on dynamic aspects such as cargomix and load order. As a capacity manager, you often need planners to make several pre-stowages to know the true free capacity. This is time consuming and seldom happens to the extend needed.

SLX | FLOW uses CAPSIM to make these pre-stowages automatically. This enables you to simulate the real impact of your decisions and experiment fast to find cargo flow solutions that best fit demand.

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Due to complex operational requirements, stowage plans are needed to determine the true free capacity of vessels. Unfortunately, stowage planning is tedious, and planners lack time to answer inquiries from other teams.

SLX | STOW is a cloud application using our patented algorithm CAPSIM to generate multiport stowage plans fast. This can make true free capacity transparent in the organization and help planners find better plans.

Press this link for a video demonstration.

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The CAPSIM Plugin is an add-on to NAVIS' stowage tool STOWMAN. It is a cloud-service that applies CAPSIM to solve tedious seaworthiness errors in stowage plans and increase utilization by reducing GM and optimizing lashing.

The CAPSIM Plugin does not interfere with the overall planning process. It improves stowage plans without changing their strategic layout. All your stowage team needs is an updated version of STOWMAN with the plugin enabled. A highly relevant add-on for the upcoming market.

This is absolutely a great and much needed feature. All central planners should get this enabled right away.
-- Nirmal Fernando, National Operations Specialist at PIL Australia

Press this link for a demonstration of the hydrostatic phase.

Press this Link for a demonstration of the lashing phase


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