Integrate your organization
with commercial and
operational applications


Commercial Applications

Choose long-term contracts with maximum expected yield.

Set spot sales targets and bid prices to maximize actual yield.


Central Computation Engine

Provides a one truth of free capacity.

Makes sales and operational decisions transparent.


Operational Applications

Generate pre-plans and stowage plans automatically.

Use sales targets to improve forecast and planning.

Img Yield V2


SEALYTIX’ commercial applications enable carriers to maximize yield generated by individual services. The core idea is to adjust accepted bookings such that loaded cargo has maximum yield and utilizes all stowable capacity of the vessel.

For long-term contracts this means increasing volume from clients with attractive cargomix both with respect to yield and utilization and reducing the volume from other clients.

For spot bookings this means simulating the utilization of the vessel forward in time for current bookings and then control sales in downstream ports to utilize all free capacity with highest yielding cargo. All our applications are built as native cloud apps using the latest technologies.

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SEALYTIX’ operational applications generate multi-port stowage plans given booked and forecasted containers. They support operational stowage planning and pre-planning. The objective is to maximize the utilization of the vessel and minimize operational costs such as bunker and restow costs.

Forecasts are generated from historical cargo data using predictive analytics. Our cloud applications interface seamlessly with popular loading computers and stowage tools such as MACS3, STOWMAN, LOADSTAR and CASP.