About Sealytix

Meet the team


R. M. Jensen CEO
F. Gärtner Business Dev.


L. F. Muller Optimization PhD
D. Sacramento Optimization PhD
A. Sivertsen Optimization PhD


R. R. Hartmann Tech Lead
F. Kaymak Developer


M. H. Holst Product Owner
C. Vesterdal Domain Expert

The company timeline

Maersk Research 2006-13

Advisor to Maersk

Research on stowage algorithms with
the IT University of Copenhagen

Interschalt R&D 2013-16

STOWMANS – A stowage optimizer integrated in STOWMAN

50 Man years of algorithms, test, and debugging systems

Cargotec R&D 2016-19

BBO – The world’s first break
bulk optimizer

Key patent on predictive AI for lashing forces

Sealytix 2019-

CAPSIM™️ – A yield optimizing
capacity simulator

Commercial and operational applications